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Adotta un Ulivo Agriturismo Nacchinono

Adopt an olive tree


We want to involve Nacchinono's friends in the journey leading to the production of our extra virgin olive oil, sharing in our values and passion for good nutrition, respect for the environment and good agriculture.

The initiative

Joining in and adopting an olive tree you can become part of our journey.
You can choose whether to adopt an already adult tree or to support the planting of a new one, so that you can follow its development from the very first steps.

The process is very simple. By subscribing to the adoption for a year, and after choosing  a name for your tree, you will receive an adoption certificate also reporting all its relevant characteristics. You will get periodic updates on the tree and the activities on the field during the year up to the time of harvest and oil production.

Depending on the adoption package you choose, you could also be eligible to receive, our extra virgin olive oil and many discounts to spend online in our shop or directly at Nacchinono's premises.


How does it work



My name is

- - -

choose your package and proceed with the purchase

complete the form received via email with the name chosen for the tree, and the other requested data

receive the adoption certificate and, if included in the package, the discount code

if included in the package, receive our extra virgin olive oil at your home

use the discount code in the online shop, on your next purchase or directly at Nacchinono

The packages

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