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Our history

Once upon a time in Ludos: Long story (short) of Nacchinono (and the Nacchi'S)

Ludos is the name of an area just outside Olbia, westward, on the way to Tempio Pausania, the "city of stone" ( beautiful by the way (and worth a visit!), tucked in a valley with the spectacular backdrop of the Limbara range..) and where our maternal genes come from and half of our soul .. but ths is another story...  

Back to Ludos: this is where our grandparents, paternal ones, those from Buddusò (a "granite" village perched onto the homonymous plateau, 750 metres above sea level (go visit this one too!)), built their countryhouse and their getaway from the mountains during the hot Sardinian summers (but oftentimes also spring, autumn and winter). Here they'd cultivate olive trees, tend to the honey hives, enjoy the surrounding beauty and let it inehbriate them. Always offspring in tow ...

Then the time came for them to pass the baton to our parents, the babyboomers, who made of the art of tending to those olive trees and planting new ones (we are almost 1000!) their very own antidote to the wear and tear of modern life!

... fast forward few decades or so, so it was that, we, the progeny, and the aforementioned babyboomers, all witnesses of the exceptional therapeutic and cathartic properties of the place, decided that the time was ripe to share its virtues with the world.

We made a project and of the love for this place a new venture

Thus was born Nacchinono!

One step after the other, since 2016 Nacchinono is home to a multifunctional farm, combining over about 10 hectares of land, with "old" and "new" olive groves, orchards, vegetable gardens, pasture areas, all providing a beatufil backdrop to the restaurant and B&B facilities.


Why "Nacchinono"?

Nacchi Nono! is an expression of amazement and appreciation in Buddusoino slang (i.e. from Buddusó) also used when acknowledging an unxpextedly positive turnout of events or when celebrating a result that one would never have thought achievable ....

Nacchi Nono!

Our history

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