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Nacchinono is a young, family-run multifunctional farm, set on acres of gorgeously peaceful countryside only few minutes away from the town of Olbia, the stunning beaches scattered along the northeastern Sardinian coastline, and the many treasures of the Gallura region.

Wrapped in an idyllic setting of granite, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, at Nacchinono we combine love and dedication to our land with great passion for hospitality.

The key ingredients to Nacchinono's recipe? A triumph of green, be it olive trees or olive oil; hearthy cuisine; stylish accommodation. All wrapped in nothing less than the unapologetic beauty  of the Sardinian landscape!

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the main product of our labour and our care for nearly a thousand olive  trees beautifully scattered across the estate. The trees are divided into old and new olive grove. The former hosting the queen of local cultivars, Bosana, and the latter home to a mix of native and national varieties including Bosana, Nera di Gonnos, Semidana, Carolea, Frantoio, Leccino.

Our restaurant, with an enviable hillside setting and an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, features a menu deeply rooted in the Northern Sardinian tradition, celebrating home-made dishes prepared with great emphasis on high quality local ingredients. 

The cosy indoors and the beautiful terrace overlooking the countryside and the island of Tavolara make the perfect location for small events and gatherings


Six original and stylish rooms, offering plenty of amenities, make a perfect base and accommodation for a quiet and relaxing stay.

But Nacchinono is also much more!

And whether you want to discover the wonders of the island or just fully enjoy Nacchinono's Therapy, all you need to do is getting in touch and come and visit us!

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Once upon a time

The long story (short) of Nacchinono (and the Nacchi's)

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