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The Oil

Our love and care for the almost a thousand olive trees on the estate are behind Nacchinono's main product: the olive oil.

The olives, harvested manually, when they reach the right level of ripeness, between October and November, are taken to the mill for pressing within a short time after being picked up.


The result is the production of two qualities of extra virgin olive oil: our monocultivar Bosana , from the queen among Sardinian cultivars, and our Blend from the mix of the varieties Bosana, Nera di Gonnos, Semidana, Frantoio, Leccino .


From the union between our Blend and the plants of Rosemary, Myrtle, Thyme, Laurel comes our flavoured oils collection: gli Aromatizzati . A heavenly match of scents and aromas for that extra touch of flavor!

The single cultivar Bosana is the oil of our family tradition. In fact, it comes from the oldest part of our olive grove, home to over 60 years old trees of Bosana variety, Sardinia's most popular cultivar.

Featuring a green color tending to gold, as a result of harvesting the olives at the beginning of their maturation, our Bosana is an oil with a strong and decisive character, with a slightly spicy taste and an intense aroma.


Our favorite combinations: excellent for dressing salads, esquisite as a final touch to minestrone and vegetable soups, great to enhance the taste of red meats or simply enjoyed on a slice of bread, to fully savor its freshness and taste notes.


Would you like to order different quantities and formats?

ClickHERE to request information!

Would you like to order different quantities and formats?

ClickHERE to request information!


Our Blend is the result of a careful selection of native cultivars such Bosana, Nera di Gonnos, Semidana, and the varieties' Frantoio and Leccino. Harvesting the olives in full maturation gives this extra virgin olive oil a clear golden yellow color with greenish reflections. The taste is fruity, slightly bitter but pleasant on the palate.



Our favorite pairings : excellent on carpaccio of meat or fish, sprinkled on grilled vegetables, few drops on a plate of pasta dressed with fresh tomato sauce or just "guttiau" (dripped) on carasau bread with salt and rosemary


Gli Aromatizzati are born from the union of our extra virgin olive oil Blend and the plants of Myrtle, Rosemary, Thyme, Laurel.

The Myrtle flavored oil , with its unmistakable intense and persistent aroma, is perfect for enriching and celebrating pork, lamb, game meat dishes.


Rosemary flavored oil , with a delicate aroma and a light taste, is ideal paired with white meats, legume-based dishes, baked or boiled potatoes, on bruschetta and focaccia.


The Thyme flavored oil , with an intense and aromatic aroma, is perfect for enhancing the taste of white meats, fish dishes, potato gnocchi and boiled potatoes


The Laurel flavored oil , with a strong and intense taste, excellent paired with roasts, stews, game meat, legumes and cereals.

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