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what we do


Nacchinono's Therapy

What we do and what we offer

Idyllic settings, the scent of the myrtle, surrendering to the beauty of the olive trees kissed by the sun in the morning and immersing yourself in the thousand shades of green, discovering and rediscovering frank and genuine flavors, embracing and smiling at the unapologetic beauty of simplicity

What else? Everything else is superfluous

Recurring and Abundant intake recommended 

Main ingredients below


extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the main product of our company and of the almost a thousand olive trees on the estate, featuring many native varieties, like Bosana, Nera di Gonnos, Semidana, and national ones alike


In the intimate and welcoming space of our restaurant we delight in delighting the palates of our guests with classics of the Sardinian culinary tradition and with inspired reinterpretations.



Six original rooms divided into two traditional stazzi offer the ideal refuge for a stay of tranquility and relaxation

& More

But Nacchinono is also much more!
An ideal setting for small events and ceremonies, which we will be happy to organize with you and for you and with the support of our partners in the area
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, collaborations or any request

Nacchinono Agriturismo
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